D. Advanced Tiers

1. The Systems-Conversation Approach to Tier 2: Making Your Targeted Intervention More Effective

Presenters: Megan Pell & Debby Boyer


2. Creative Collaboration at Tier 3 to Support Youth with Emotional Behavioral Challenges

Presenters: Kathy Francoeur & Shelby Barron


3. Breaking Down Barriers to Implementing BIPs: Using the Problem-Solving Model as a Roadmap to Success

Presenters: Erin K. Dunn & Ravit Stein


4. Ignite Session on Tier 2 Supports

Facilitator: Sharon Lohrmann

Session 1 Presenters: Ashley Marden, Eric Johnson, Marcy Kelly, Mollie Greeley, Deborah Burrell, & Howard Muscott

Session 2 Presenters: Amanda Pickett & Sarah Jones

Session 2 Materials:

Session 3 Presenters: Eric Kostecki, Jonathan Drake, Kim Chandler, & Jen Geaumont

Session 3 Materials: