F. Special Settings

1. PBIS in an Early Childhood Center: A School-Family-Community Partnership

Presenters: Kayla Gordon, Robin Fernandes, & Sarah Fefer


2. Self-Management for Social Behavior of Adolescents with Behavioral Challenges

Presenters: Kathryn Dooley & Katherine Clemens


3. Integration of the Pyramid Model and School-Wide PBIS

Presenters: Erin Brewer & Dawn Appleby-Quackenbush


4. Ignite Session on PBIS in Alternative Settings

Facilitator: Adam Feinberg

Session 1 Presenters: Irwin Moss & Diana Gonzales-Amado

Session 1 Materials:

Session 2 Presenters: Karen Wilson & Cheyenne E. Rhodes

Session 2 Materials:

Session 3 Presenters: Chris Conti & Pamela Charles

Session 3 Materials: