Summer Behavior Institute

The Summer Behavior Institute targets PBIS Coaches and Trainers, including future trainers and coaches, and offers participants an advanced study of the theory, principles, and practices of behavior theory. A major objective of the institute is to provide behavioral theory and knowledge for those working with school supporting PBIS efforts.  Strong trainers have a solid foundation in both the principles of behavioral theory grounded in ABA as well as how it applies to PBIS in school and community settings.

As part of the Behavior Institute participants will be exposed to methods for measuring and analyzing behavior, increasing and decreasing behaviors via antecedent and consequent manipulations, teaching new behaviors, and implementing self-management procedures. Each of these features will be related to the practice of PBIS within school settings. Participants will benefit from this institute by not only increasing their knowledge in behavioral theory, but also strengthening their PBIS skills and practices with a greater foundation of behavioral theory these concepts are grounded in.

The instructors will present course content through lectures, small group discussion, practice activities, and activities.  Participants are responsible for participating in these activities and providing the instructors with information that indicates an understanding and mastery of the content.  

Summer Behavior Institute Program

Day 1

 Summer Behavior Institute 2017 Day 1 Handout.pdf

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 ABA in PBIS July 2017 handout.pptx


Day 2

 Summer Behavior Institute 2017 Day 2 Handout.pdf

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Day 3

 Summer Behavior Institute 2017 Day 3 Handout.pdf

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Day 4

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